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London Centre for Social Impact (United Kingdom)

We developed a Human Resource Model for the Third Sector based on research into organisational structures, developed and delivered training sessions on conflict causes, conflict management strategies and the impact of conflict on performance and staff. We Trained and coached managers in interview techniques and assisted them in the implementation of redundancy programmes. MBConsulting has provided advice and guidance on effective methodologies to plan, direct and co-ordinate business operations and manage staff for optimum performance. This includes recruitment, power and leadership, reward, employee retention and partnership establishments with other services.

Interconexis (United Kingdom)

We provided training sessions on policy development including the ability to identify, recommend, develop, and implement programs and processes supporting business objectives and organisational culture and competencies. We particularly emphasised on appraisal and performance, problem-solving and the mechanism to reduce conflict to enable business efficiency. We empowered and strengthened managers by implementating programs and processes supporting business objectives, problem-solving, and organisational culture and competencies.


We developed and delivered a short, medium and long-term business plan to support the overall strategy to enable business performance and efficiency. We provided quality guidance to managers and employees in all areas of employee relations, performance development, rewards and recognition, and leadership development. We evaluated and revised internal processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.